solemates leap year sale...


~CreAtive Soul~

Another chick from Cali is blessing the public with her edgy customized jewelry!
Introducing---->CreAtive Soul

The former B'More kid, now residing in Cali, is name Angel Tanksley, who is a graduate of UK and is currently playing a role on ER. In the past three years she has been making crafty jewelry for her friends and family. When her jewelery status went she wanted to share her niche to the world!! Okay, or maybe just to the public :)
To purchase some of her products hit her up on Myspace!
or facebook her!
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SKFO: Weekends are better when they start on Wednesday

Some Kids From Ohio skfo!
Sets the weekend off this Wednesday, with JCOOP's exit: Going away party, CincinNASTY Party feat. Floyd Fresh Daily on Fri, and SKFO at the Milk Bar Sat. with DJ Clockworth and DJ Stacks
come party with the kids from Ohio!
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the best manicure ever...

can surprisingly be found in a box!

after dealing with the frustrations of a manicure that only last one day, chipped polish within less than 12 hours... i started thinking about going back to acrylics (yeah right! never again) or looking into silk, gel wrap something... just to help my polish last. of course, i had to consult with some experts. thanks to my girl, india, at glamblush, i am HOOKED on KISS NAILS! yes ladies, kiss nails! i am a believer! after 3 days, my nails are still looking fabulous! it took literally 15 minutes to apply them and within minutes,. i was ready to finish my laundry!

these pics were taken with my blackberry, so they may not do the nails much justice, but believe me, they are HOTT!!!!



"originally established as a platform for creative work, we've combined our love for brooklyn and popular sensibility to push fresh products, ideas and visuals. instead of following the trends, we moved in our own direction making a name for ourselves primarily as a women’s street wear label. for us it's all about maintaining a creative outlook and always staying true to what we rep’; a collective of young city talent out to get theirs."- in their own words {swndl}.
available at solemates...chicago


lorilori's weekly dose....."be kind rewind" director michel gondry

i'm back

a little late but its week two and really cold out (new yawk-chi) so why not go to the movies this weekend? yeah? sound like a good idea? cool!

here's what's on the menu

french director michel gondry has always and will probably continue to always make you and i question our sense of reality. this idea plays out in gondry's features such as the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, dave chappelle's bloc party and my favorite, the science of sleep.

be kind rewind, gondry's 5th major release stars jack black and mos def; two buddies that are forced to recreate hollywood blockbuster films, (ghostbusters, boyz in the hood to name a few) after black manages to destroy an entire neighborhood's dvd rental store. the duo decide to star in the remakes instantly becoming stars on their block.

before you run off to see the film, be sure to give yourself a little idea of what you're getting into - gondry's mastered feature length projects but he is a god when it comes to the short form world and by that i mean music videos. kanye's team called him up when they were unhappy with the first clip for "heard em say" and developed an entire new vision quite gondry-esque, with the use of stop motion and all. the white stripes also adopted gondry as a resident director creating several pieces together over the years. check out the "lego master piece" below

gondry's credits lists dates back to the early 90s! but here are a few for your viewing pleasure, including his latest with long time collaborator bjork as well as their acclaimed piece "human behavior" from 1993.

bjork "declare independence"

bjork "human behavior"

the white stripes "fell in love with a girl"

kanye "heard em say"

beck "cellphone's dead"

foo fighters "everlong" (classic!)

gondry's work, directors label dvd

be kind rewind opens tomorrow in most cities, but be sure to check your local listings and let me know what you think :0)


ladies do you own a good spat?

i figured you didn't. go here for more, posso the spat...love it!


chicago train art @ a.okay official...

Bonjour! Paris Fashion: Be Priv!!

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The 80s Urban Street Trend is also walking on the streets of Paris!
Be Priv is a urban street wear clothing co. who created their own artistic
concept "Urban Luxur"
Founded by two kids name Ilane and Sarah their playful prints are filled
with funky colors with street decor...
They also have a line for the fellas...
i wish i could buy from bepriv...lol

hopefully this will be there shop online site ---->Bepriv!!


detroit-history of the word...

clutch... upgrade!!

our beloved, clutch magazine, has a new a look! check it out... and be sure to register to share your fashion favs on the new forum!

dede, you never disappoint the ladies! keep up the fabulous work!

happy birthday lil sis!! XOXOXO


So about those flashing lights...

Colin Munroe puts his spin on Kanye's "Flashing Lights" track...and for some reason I love it!!
I kinda want those flashing lights too... :)


lorilori's weekly dose.....

Hello all

We here at FASHIONATION would like to present the latest addition to the blog....

No it's not a daring, trendsetter ready to drop her knowledge of what's hot, or what's new, instead a new segment, a little something that I'd like to call your weekly dose of all things....music videos, films, commercials you name it.

The art of motion picture......! Oh and of course the fashion!

I'd like to start with who I think is one of the most prominent and definitely most sought after female music video directors today. I can't help but be fascinated with Sophie Muller's work over the years. Ms Muller's, probably best known for her collabos with such huge names like Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5 and Lily Allen to name a few.

Her remarkable ability to capture beauty, and use of natural light easily lures in any audience.

Lily Allen "Smile"

She's crazy with transforming her subject into a character; the cinematic nature of each piece unfolds into a great story in only 4 or 5 minutes time.

Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved"

Beyonce "Ring The Alarm"

I don't think it would be fair to mention Sophie without highlighting her work with Gwen. Their work together dates back to "Don't Speak", the unforgettable piece with a bare foot Gwen in that navy polka dot dress and live shots of her on stage sporting a yellow cut off tee.

This dynamic duo continued to work together on Gwen's solo albums. There's a good handful of clips between the two, 4 In The Morning, Wind It Up and Luxurious, but my personal favorite is "Cool" from Gwen's first solo LP.

Every element of this clip is fantastic! The story that slowly unfolds, the production design, lighting, Gwen's ridiculous style..... crazy! At the beginning, when the outside of the mansion is revealed.........ah! that shot gives me chills!

Gwen Stefani's "Cool"

Need I say more, ....in short, she's just plain dope...

Gwen Stefani "4 In The Morning"

Gwen Stefani "Wind It Up"

Gwen Stefani "Luxurious"

Poketo: Art for your everyday

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Poketo is a network of artist founded by two kids name
Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. Known, for their custom
designed wallets, they have expanded their products to
homeware, apparel, accessories, and stationery. With
their eclectic group of artists using each item as their
canvas gives you a little piece of Picasso to take
home or even wear!

Poketo, now a growing network of over 100 international artists.
They have designed official wallets for magazines and bands including
Arcade Fire, Matisyahu, The Shins, Weezer, Postal Service and others.

-Miss A


celebrate valentine's day with missbehave...

chicago loves...

chicago loves train art: an exhibit featuring paintings from various chicago artists.
2.15.08 @ a. okay
3270 n clark street

miss tina turner is still rockin' it...

check out her moves from tonight's grammy performance with beyonce. i pray i age like that.


fafi x mac cosmetics

i am a huge fafi fan (who isn't?)... and i am thrilled that she is collaborating with mac cosmetics on a color collection inspired by art, fantasy, and imagination. not only are the pigments pretty and colorful, but the packaging is adorned with fafi's signature fafinettes. also available are limited edition make up bags, a tote, and t-shirt.

if you're in new york, be sure to stop by henri bendel on feb. 13th from 4-6pm to meet fafi in person. also the fafinettes (monoka, ermine, eriko) will be there feb. 13-17th



Why you should know about Kenna

-->the new sound everyone is addicted to once heard.

Now, I maybe extra late hoppin on to his new cd that was released in 2007, but hey I'm not from VA I get things late sometimes :)

Kenna, originally from Africa, moved over to the VA in his childhood and went to the same high school as Pharrell Williams and Chad's. Listening to his beats you can tell they grew up from the same backyard!

He was once featured as Artist of the Week in November '07 through MTV, and is rocking out stages in Euro Towns everywhere right now in '08!

I'll keep you posted when he will be back in America to light up our stages!

-Oh yea he also has cute shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and pins available for fans to rock! make sure you cop one! :)



Super Tuesday 2008

make sure you vote today :)


marc and louis...

if you aren't watching this now, be sure to catch the next showing of "marc jacobs and louis vuitton", documenting marc as he prepares his spring 2007 collection as well as lv's. check sundance for the full schedule and other programs airing in celebration of fashion week...love it!


trace magazine...

for those who still love to get tangible publications...how about a compromise? here is a free pdf download of the trace magazine: true beauty issue...enjoy!

Miss Wax-wearable art..love it!

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

A local girl from San Diego, Cali turned her hobby into a fashion need!! Kylee(the artist*) has been supplying girls from all over the North County for two years. Influenced by the hip-hop culture and the crazy designs from graffiti, her artistic abilities is shown on her cutting edge jewelery!

She's also taking her products a step further, which means her one-of-a-kind jewelery is up for grabs!! Her new season of hip-hop originality jewelery drops spring/summer of '08--->I'll def have my eye on the look out!

So you thought door-knocker earrings was the new new sh*ts to rock?? guess again(those were just a blast from the past) These are earrings are a must buy!! :)


-Miss A