A Taste of Chicago...(comedy)

You will see the strangest things walking down any street, but this one takes the cake for 2007. Chicago is a very community oriented city, which explains this scenario. The Magic Mart, one of the staple corner stores of Hyde Park, recently closed after more than 15 years...well actually their license was revoked. Anyhow, I am walking by and overhear a couple expressing their regrets for a "shooting" that took place in front of the store. They were observing a memorial and came to that conclusion. So, I look closer to find that the memorial/candlelight vigil is in the memory of the closed Magic Mart!! HILARIOUS!! I swear this would only happen in Chicago...Please let me know if I'm wrong.


i want these...

so hott!



This weekend the ladies of Heroine-Chic hosted a swank affair to showcase their collection of belts and bags. Colleen and Anna are two very creative individuals that have made a name for themselves in Chicago and beyond with their hand made belt buckles and clutches. The intimate showcase had a Cirque Du Soleil theme, that featured stilt walkers and contortionists . The music was awesome, provided by the great DJ Sonny Daze accompanied by a trumpeter. You can find more about Heroine-Chic here, and expect to find some their accessories at Solemates Chicago.

mama interviewed by nitrolicious

ladies! our girl, gabriella, was interviewed by nitrolicious... be sure to check the interview and her line - certified hottness!

if that isn't enough... hit up the glamorous life and M.I.S.S. Crew blogs for your daily blog fix...

thanks gabriella for putting ya girl on!

M.I.S.S. Crew LUV!!!!!!!!!!!


uniqlo's new concept store & UT projects

uniqlo is taking the world by storm with the quality, value, and variety of their clothing... from tees and sweaters to denim, their clothes uphold the japanese standard for quality and are offered in a ton of colors and styles.

maintaining their position on top of the casual wear game, uniqlo is opening a new concept store in harajuku, tokyo on april 28th that's sure to cause a t-shirt frenzy. the store, UT (uniqlo t-shirt) is the creation of kashiwa sato, creative director of uniqlo, who had the vision of a futuristic convenience store for t-shirts. we all know uniqlo likes to do it big, so expect a a ton of options.

to celebrate the opening of the new store, uniqlo has launched the UT projects... a limited edition collection of t-shirts designed by reknowned artists, designers, photographers, and musicians. collabos include: terry richardson, nobuyoshi araki, kai khune, kims jones, and many others. only 1,000 unique tees will be available each year. other collabos are in store with ECM records, the evolution stores in soho and countless others.

check it out!


new issue of missbehave

missbehave's 3rd issue has finally hit newsstands. this issue is packed with the stuff we crave...make sure to check out lanie of hellz bellz in the star search feature, the amy winehouse interview (the magazine's second attempt), and kelis' (new missbehave columnist) column on feminism...


happy birthday day,red lemon LA!

our beloved, red lemon store LA turns one!

phnewfula has been holding it down on the world wide web for quite some time and her LA baby is growing up...and taking over tinseltown. be sure to stop by the block party to celebrate their success and upgrade your wardrobe for the season!

phnewfula, will there be red velvet cupcakes???!!!



mama's spring 007 collection!

mama is getting us right for the season, with the drop of their spring cut and sew, "la dolce vita" collection... gabriella has expanded her line of t-shirts, to include cut and sew designs that are sure to tickle our fashion fancies. my fav is the "always a lady" jacket... my words exactly ;)

the collection is available now on the mama website and in stores nationwide. for more info, check out the glamorous life... which happens to be one of the best daily destinations online.

sa-ra creative partners...the hollywood recordings

if you want to hear some next level *@#^... sa-ra is where it's at... their album, the hollywood recordings, hits stores 4/24, but you can hear it first at a listen & learn event near you...

san fran- 4/13
chi-town- 4/13
boston- 4/14
dc- 4/17
toronto 4/19
detroit- 4/20
la- 4/20
atl- 4/20
columbus- 4/20
philly- 4/28

check out fusicology for venue info.


susana monaco- cute picks!

check out this cute pieces from susana monaco... her line is known for its comfort and style. i love her stuff because it can be dressed up or down and still look and feel good...

all of these looks are available at shopbop.

new york fashion now...

from april 17 to september 23, the victoria & albert museum's new york fashion now exhibit tells the stories of twenty young designers who launched their own labels between 1999 and 2004. the exhibit explores the significant moments of these labels in hopes of inspiring other young designers. check it out!


Wrath- First Fridays @ The MCA

This Friday try to get over to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Every first Friday they put together an incredible event- great art, food, music and people. April's wrath theme for First Fridays is the fourth of the seven deadly sins themes for First Fridays.
The MCA invites guests to watch the roller derby women skate on the MCA plaza, create voodoo dolls, destroy photo and paper memories of old loves at the "Shred Your Ex" station, watch kick-boxing demos by Equinox, listen to the sounds of DJ Megan Taylor and DJ Emily Hard, enjoy the iMac Digital Dating bar, and dine on Wolfgang Puck hors d'oeuvres. The event also unveils the April UBS 12 x 12: New Artists/New Work exhibition featuring local artist Amy Mayfield.. If you are around, slide thru- it should be interesting...
Friday, April 6th 6-10pm @ The MCA
To add, there are a few new exhibits worth checking out...for a limited time signature works from the MCA Collection will be on display in MCA Exposed: Defining Moments in Photography 1967-2007. More info here


hot new nikes...

check out these dope nike releases available now at kick/hi...

street pumps...i love it!

clutch magazine recognizes ladies in the sneaker movement...

in their "street pumps" article, clutch shows love to the ladies who aren't afraid to rock a fresh pair of kickz instead of 4-inch stilettos. don't get it twisted, just because we make sneakers look damn good (and sexy), doesn't mean we don't like heels...we just aren't limiting our choices.

check out the article!