introducing rockett mansion!

rockett mansion is for all of the ladies who strive to achieve a look that can only be described as "avant glam". melanie lyke (fellow howard u. alum)created this fabulous line out of her love for vintage and a minimalist lifestyle. rockett mansion mixes beautifully constructed vintage finds with everyday pieces to create a look at the dazzling and effortless.

you will not only look good rocking your rockett mansion pieces, but you'll also feel good about it because they donate 10% of all sales to local and international non-profits. who ever thought giving back could look so good?

check them out and add rockett mansion to your fall wardrobe!


In Dealer News...

Let Your Soooooul Gloooow, Baby!! :)

Me, left,wearing my natural hair using Miss Jessie's Products and my friend Sarina on the right - she uses it too! Oh so silky smooth!!! Ha! Wait, where the hell is my makeup in this pic?! 


Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a peddler for Miss Jessie's Products. Now, I'm not a hairstylist - I'm a makeup gal. Every time I tell someone about what I use on my hair (Miss Jessie's and that just about IT!), I transform into this live-in-your-face infomercial for the entire line!! It's craaazy! So that is why I entitled this post "In Dealer News..." - because seriously, if I find a product that i love I turn into a dealer for the company. I know when and where to get it - for the low-low. LOL! I then convert EVERYONE that I speak with. Wow! The power of persuasion and a DAMN good product hand-in-hand. Awww!

Now ladies, do you have to struggle with your hair in it's natural state? 
Do you wish to snap you curls, waves or kinks into a uniform polished looked? 
Are you tired of your natural hair feeling like dry ass fuzzy wool
Are you sick of curl shrinkage? 

Well, let me introduce you to Titi and Miko Branch! They are the two mastermind sisters behind Miss Jessie's Products. Born to a Japanese mother and African- American father, Titi and Miko had a head full of hair that was multi textured. That left the sisters with very little options for hair care. Japanese salons were inexperienced with their hair type and Black salons just wanted to relax and tame their "unruly" tresses. The sisters' grandmother, Miss Jessie, used to formulate hair care  remedies for them in her very own kitchen. In adulthood, Titi and Miko opened up a salon of their own, which soon became the go-to place for natural and naturally curly hair attracting clients nationwide. 

In 2004 Miss Jessie's Products (named after their grandmother) were introduced consisting of styling cremes, moisturizers and deep conditioning treatments.  With the introduction of Curly Pudding, Curly Meringue, Curly Buttercreme, Baby Buttercreme and Rapid Recovery Treatment, Miss Jessie's soon garnered a cult following and continues to be a market innovator in the natural hair and curly hair segment. 

Here's the breakdown:

 *Curly Pudding (soft hold) and Curly Meringue (medium hold with volume) are to be applied to hair that has been thoroughly cleansed, conditioned and detangled. Hair can be dried naturally or by using an overhead dryer.

You do not have to wet your hair daily to see desired results. You can go 4 to 7 days in between washes.

To keep hair moisturized, *Curly Buttercreme, Baby Buttercreme or Silkening Creme can be used to tame frizziness and to fluff out curls. And these products truly "de-crunchify" your hair.

These products are great for puffs, double strand twists, rod sets, "slick-backs" (I made that term up) and for transitions. Visit missjessies.com for a full tutorial.

* not to be used all at once - choose ONE

Rapid Recovery Treatment is a buttery soft deep conditioner that instantly repairs your hair. 

Miss Jessie's also offers the newly added Creme De La Curl Shampoo (very creamy and non-sudsy) and Creme De La Creme Conditioner (rich non-watery consistency) in a special two-fer deal.

   I tried the S&C a couple of days ago and it seriously helps with frizz  control, detangling and curl definition - and I have a lotta hair!

I have tried several products on my hair and NEVER got the results I wanted until I stumbled upon this wonderful line. To all my au naturale hair girls out there - you DO NOT want to pass this up!! Try it!! (Yeah, I stole Vitamin Water's Formula 50 slogan - and WHAT?!?! lol)

 Visit missjessies.com for more details.

Shouts out to Lauren over at stereohyped.com for putting me ON! Thanks!


Hi, I'm Alana! And I'm in a Cult! :)

Hello All! My name is Alana Skye and I'm the new addition to the Fashionation team and makeup is my addiction. I am an artist for a very well known three letter trend setting makeup company ( sssshhh!!). I happen to love, love, love beauty products and long walks in the park. Just kidding!!

I'm constantly looking for that new "It" product and I pay close attention to budding makeup trends. I don't really follow rules. I feel like anyone can make any color work for them. I don't think  there are many wrong answers regarding makeup because after all, it is an art form  and FUN! However, there are definitely ways to perfectly execute a look. Down the line I will be uploading photo tutorials for certain makeup trends and color stories. But uh.. we'll cross that bridge when we get there, k? LOL
Feel free to ask me any questions regarding makeup - I'm an open book! In the mean time, let me get right down to business: MAC Cosmetics Cult of Cherry

I thought that it would be a minute before I would see strong, dramatic eyes paired with strong, dramatic lips again. Well, that moment has arrived just in time for the Fall 2008 Cult of Cherry collection. And I'm digging it hardcore. Seriously.  3 shadow palettes, 4 new lipstick shades, 5 new lipglass colors and all new mattenes!!! Yesss!!!! MAC describes this color story as "The new forbidden fruit. Deep, dark, dramatic. Lips ripened with juicy cerises and intoxicating kirsches while eyes smoulder in luscious spiced chocolate. With its sense of way-to-go dark, this is how we separate the bitter from the sweet..." Well damn! I'm ready!!! 

Now before you all go shaking your heads at this cherry and chocolate inspired collection, remember, ALL looks can be modified. So instead of doing your same ol' neutral gloss paired with a neutral eyeshadow palette, try mixing it up by doing a deeper lip color. Matte and gloss textures can be interchanged on the lips this season. Why not do both? Anyone can pull this off! Don't be shy! Drama is headed your way this Fall! Cult of Cherry is currently available at maccosmetics.com



Trace Mag, Black Girls Rule issue out today!

feat. Keri Hilson
(FYI she was, a swimmer
back in her day!) :)

Trace Mag.


strike a pose...


fatburger in the chi?????!!!!!!!!????

looks like mr. west was in my head... check out this article which announces that kanye west is bringing fatburger to the windy city!

anyone who knows me, knows i am ALL about a big fat turkey deal w/ skinny fries and a strawberry pop!!



have a coke and a smile...

roberto cavalli is designing the new coke light bottles. only 300,000 are being released, and you will have to hit italy to get em'...enjoy!

champion, kanye west...

one of my favs!


a little eye candy...

so i was in my other favorite store {walgreens} this morning...and couldn't help but pick up the september issue of esquire. outside of occasionally perusing the mag for men's fashions, it was the cover that got me this time. tell the fellas this is how you do it! this suit is the bizness, and tom isn't bad on the eyes either...love it!
thats all.
note: i'll have more on the suit's, when i actually go back to buy the mag.


jay z and kanye @ madison square garden last night...

BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.

thanks b!

oh no!!! I'm late!!!

not really....LOL
but maybe, have you guys heard this, Cassie's new track? "Official Girl" featuring (this is a hard one!)
a. Diddy
c. Jeezy
d. T Pain

And the correct answer is.......B!!! Lil Wayne... check out the video trailer...hmmm....and track.....thoughts?

chi: silent designer auction by consignmint.com



have you had enough of customizing sneakers? if so, you can now move onto earrings. drew of enstrumental passed on word of spontaneity: customized crocheted earrings. see more here...


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