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lori lori needs a new roomie :)

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Electric Circus part II??

Common-Universal Mind Control ft. Pharrell


Keep it Cheap but SWEET :)

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Hello Hello! Since the price of living is costly (food,gas,gas, oh and did I mention gas??) buying clothes to look fly this summer is not number one on your to do list, right? WRONG! You can still look fly with simple items you can find anywhere, for under $10! So, keep it cheap but sweet :)

Mens V-kneck White T-shirts (I call it the official summer shirt), you can get five in one packet, for 8.99 at Wal-Mart.
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Graphic Tees all 9.99 at Target.
----> and ladies..the best graphic tees are in the men's section

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Oh, and remember style doesn't have a price tag, it's something you have to come up with on your own!


lady gaga's "just dance"

Here's lady gaga's new video directed by melina. You know some of her work, Beyonce's "Kitty Kat", "Upgrage You" Neyo's "Do You" and Eve's "Tambourine" and your favorite Snoop's "Sensual Seduction" (that is just a very few)

But this video caught my eye while checking some of my favorite video blogs!! It is something that we have seen before, at least the look and feel is becoming sort of the norm as the music industry turns towards dance music for the next big hit. But I do enjoy the art direction and styling on this one. Can't get away from the ray bans and american apparel shiny leggings, not for a minute.... and i ain't mad lol...have a look :)


tonight new york city!

Start here

courvoiser x LRG @ reed space w/DJ JUST BLAZE
rsvp: cvpopup@complex.com (thanks esi for this one!)

and then just a few blocks away....

missbehave mag x crunch x OPEN BAR!
rsvp: missbehavemag.com/rsvp